KAZ explanation:

One day SACCI wrote on now/nau (the ameba version of twitter) that kogoe texted him telling him that Hirobucky’s new nickname was KAZ. After that, KAZ was pretty soon adopted as both a nickname AND a reoccurring character. He appears at in stores, lives and even has his own song.

If you ever see Hirobucky dressed like this then he is KAZ. The most important element is the sunglasses. 

KAZ is a washed up idol whose only fans that seem to remain are the members of Souiumono.. and even they are pretty bad at being fans of KAZ. Apparently due to being a washed up idol, KAZ is now homeless and has stopped doing music until his “fans” encouraged him to continue. 

Thus, KAZ48 became a thing. It’s a “song” (more like a call and response/chant type thing when performed live) that KAZ himself does. The fans(/the other members) lead everyone in the dancing. He always seems to get pants by his fans at the end of this song.

The PV for KAZ48 is on the ragnarök DVD for limited edition and the first two pictures are screenshots from it.


There is nothing I don’t like about this cheki.

The best part is a friend gave it to me. She was like “I thought you might be interested in that one ;) ;) ;)”

Everytime anyone sees it their reaction is “omg who would want that” (basically)

me. it’s me. I want this cheki I love it.